Video Transfer to DVD

Convert Your Old VHS, VCR & Camcorder Tapes

Do You have a old VHS tapes in your cupboard gathering dust? Is your VCR a thing of the past? Maybe you

have a box full of camcorder tape formats such as VHS-C, Video8, Hi8 or minidv.


Sadly, all video tapes deteriorate with age and will eventually be un-watchable. We can professionally convert

your precious video footage to DVD or USB (MP4).  Once your video tapes are transferred to DVD or MP4, the

video quality will NEVER degrade and you can preserve your memories for all time.


We support VHS, 8mm, Hi8, VHS-C, Mini DV and Blue Ray.

We are able to convert any video file format to another format. If your file happens to be Quicktime format, we could convert it to MPEG II, Youtube, AVI, or any format you request.


We can take out the bits you don’t want and finish the file to DVD or BluRay. We charge $60 per hour or part there of. This charge is just for the editing time and does not include the cost of the DVD and printed case wrap ( $9.95 extra ).


All transfers come personalised with chapters and titles printed on the DVD and the DVD case.



1-2 Tapes

$29.95 each

3-5 Tapes

$24.95 each

6+ Tapes

$19.95 each


Maximum recording is 120 min per DVD.

If the tape is longer and requires another DVD, there will be an extra charge of $9.95 per DVD.