How long does it take before I receive my product?

We strive to get all jobs completed ASAP (depending on the workload as to how fast exactly but generally within 10 working days). 
We use Sendle to handle ALL our shipping requirements.

*During peak times this time frame maybe slightly longer but we work around the clock when needed to get your orders to you as fast as possible!

Who is Reds Imaging?

Pete Redman leads the team, here at Reds Imaging. Pete has over 25 years experience in the photographic printing trade and has been through ALL the changes over the last 10 to 15 years. We understand colour and all the dynamics that go with that.


Where is the printing and manufacturing done? Do you outsource overseas?

Everything we do is done right here in our workshop. Right from the very start to finish! We prep the files here, print them here, take care of all the framing and packaging all here in WA. We do NOT use cheap overseas companies to fulfill your orders! You can pick up the phone and talk to us about your job anytime and we can let you know immediately where it is at. 

We print for many professional photographers and drop ship for many of them too!

Ready to upload your Photos for your Order?

If you've placed your order and you have your order number and you're ready to get your files printed. You can upload your images by clicking on the button "Upload Image" button on the product page.

How should I name my files?

Please name your files like this (without the brackets)[the size of the print e.g. 20x30]-[your first and last name].jpg or .tif.

If you have placed your order and you have an Order number then please include that too!

What colour space should I use?

We can print any colour space but we're recommend using the colour space that you shot your images in. So whatever you have your camera set up in e.g. Adobe RGB, then ideally you would edit your files in Adobe RGB and we can print them in that colour space.

But, the long and short of it is either sRGB or Adobe RGB is fine. 

sRGB Colour Space AdobeRGB Colour Space

How big can I get my image printed?

It really depends on the media you would like your image printed on as to how big it can go.

Certain papers/canvas/metal etc. each have their own limitations in size. But rest assured we can very quickly let you know how big your image can go on whatever media you would like it printed on. Just email pete@redsimaging.com.au to come up with the perfect solution for you.

What resolution should I make my images to Print?

To get it spot on everytime. Here are a few suggestions. Minimum DPI or PPI for your images printed on Canvas at the finished size: 150ppi (240ppi is preferred, 300ppi is the maximum). Paper & Canvas: 300ppi is preferred. (210ppi as a minimum). Check your Image Size in Photoshop in the: IMAGE > IMAGE SIZE menu

Make the image the correct size. E.g. If you're ordering a 20x30" Canvas then size your image to 20x30" in Photoshop at the correct PPI (min. 150ppi) 300ppi is the max. Use the chart below to get an idea as to what resolution is required fo various print sizes.


8 x 10
1000 x 1250
1440 x 1800
2400 x 3000
8 x 12
1000 x 1500
1440 x 2160
2400 x 3600
8 x 16
1000 x 2000
1440 x 2880
2400 x 4800
8 x 24
1000 x 3000
1440 x 4320
2400 x 7200
8.5 x 11
1063 x 1375
1530 x 1980
2550 x 3300
9 x 12
1125 x 1500
1620 x 2160
2700 x 3600
10 x 10
1250 x 1250
1800 x 1800
3000 x 3000
10 x 13
1250 x 1625
1800 x 2340
3000 x 3900
10 x 14
1250 x 1750
1800 x 2520
3000 x 4200
10 x 15
1250 x 1750
1800 x 2700
3000 x 4500
10 x 20
1250 x 2500
1800 x 3600
3000 x 6000
10 x 30
1250 x 3750
1800 x 5400
3000 x 9000
11 x 11
1375 x 1375
1980 x 1980
3300 x 3300
11 x 14
1375 x 1750
1980 x 2520
3300 x 4200
11 x 17
1375 x 2125
1980 x 3060
3300 x 5100
11 x 22
1375 x 2750
1980 x 3960
3300 x 6600
11 x 28
1375 x 3500
1980 x 5040
3300 x 8400
12 x 12
1500 x 1500
2160 x 2160
3600 x 3600
12 x 18
1500 x 2250
2160 x 3240
3600 x 5400
12 x 24
1500 x 3000
2160 x 4320
3600 x 7200
12 x 36
1500 x 4500
2160 x 6480
3600 x 10800
15 x 30
1875 x 3750
2700 x 5400
4500 x 9000
15 x 40
1875 x 5000
2700 x 7200
4500 x 12000
16 x 16
2000 x 2000
2880 x 2880
4800 x 4800
16 x 20
2000 x 2500
2880 x 3600
4800 x 6000
16 x 24
2000 x 3000
2880 x 4320
4800 x 7200
18 x 24
2250 x 3000
3240 x 4320
5400 x 7200
20 x 20
2500 x 2500
3600 x 3600
6000 x 6000
20 x 24
2500 x 3000
3600 x 4320
6000 x 7200
20 x 30
2500 x 3750
3600 x 5400
6000 x 9000
20 x 40
2500 x 5000
3600 x 7200
6000 x 12000
22 x 28
2750 x 3500
3960 x 5040
6600 x 8400
24 x 24
3000 x 3000
4320 x 4320
7200 x 7200
24 x 30
3000 x 3750
4320 x 5400
7200 x 9000
24 x 36
3000 x 4500
4320 x 6480
7200 x 10800
30 x 30
3750 x 3750
5400 x 5400
9000 x 9000
30 x 40
3750 x 5000
5400 x 7200
9000 x 12000
30 x 45
3750 x 5625
5400 x 8100
9000 x 13500

Can I use photos from my mobile phone?

Yes! The main problem we encounter with mobile phone images is the lack of a flash on some models, this can create a slightly blurry image. There are many tricks available to overcome this however. 

We have printed many images from peoples mobile devices and achieved excellent results. It just depends on the actual image. Send it thru and we'll let you know how big we can go with it and any other expert advice that might help :) Email to: info@redsimaging.com.au  

I need ‘Photoshopping’ done on my photo, is that ok?

Simply select the ‘Photo Enhance Image Correction’ option and provide a brief description of what work you would like done in the comments section and we will send you a proof of the work to make sure you are happy with the result before we print.

How does the back of the Canvas look?

We finish our canvases off in a professional way by taping over the staples with a professional framing tape and then using high quality hanging wire and hangers. All done by hand for that professional finish your work deserves.

What sort of Frame / Stretcher Bars do you use for your Canvas?

We use New Zealand Kiln Dried Pine. It is a very high quality 32mm stretcher bar. Each frame is carefully hand made to size. We have precision cutting equipment to ensure that our frames are cut to the exact millimetre, each corner is then automatically nailed in specific areas for maximum strength and rigidity. We're able to produce canvases of basically ANY custom size.

How long will my canvas print last?

The Epson inks we use have been rated to last 100+ years and we only use materials from reputable companies in Australia. We use the very latest Epson Wide Format, Fine-Art Printers which are the leaders in the giclee printing market.

What is Giclee Printing?

Giclee in French means spray, this is the method used to apply multiple colours of archival pigment inks with an inkjet printer that is suitable to reproduce fine art museum pieces. There are numerous substrates that can be printed on such as photo papers, watercolour paper, coated paper, canvas, or artist textured vinyl..

Can I pay by Direct Deposit?

Absolutely! Just make sure you put your Invoice number in the Description when making the transfer. (Online ordering is preferred though to make it easier for the both of us).

Our direct deposit details are:

Bank Name: ANZ Bank Ltd
Account Name: Reds Imaging
BSB: 016 - 246
Account Number: 2185-97196

What does copyright mean?

Copyright exists to protect the owner of the image (the person who took it) from anyone selling and/or using their image without their knowledge. Reds Imaging respects the copyright laws and has the right to refuse the printing of orders if we think the laws have been breached.

How do I look after my canvas photo?

It’s really simple, just treat your canvas print as though it is a priceless painting.      Keep it dry and away from direct sunlight. For dusting all that is needed is a dry cloth to lightly sweep over the print.

 What file format should I provide JPG? TIFF?

We can accept a few different file formats e.g. JPG, TIFF, PSD, PDF etc. BUT,

Our preference is JPG saved at the highest quality setting

Uploading time will vary depending on internet connections and speeds, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email pete@redsimaging.com.au, we are here to help!