Video Transfer

Video Transfer with Reds Imaging.

Relive your glory days and get rid of those boxes of tapes once and for all. We’ll transfer your VHS footage onto a DVD, USB drive or Blu-Ray disc so you can watch them on today’s technology - no VCR required. 

Best ways to share + preserve this footage:

1. Host a movie night and get major laughs from your friends, family and kids.

2. Reminisce with your siblings over those infamous family holidays.

3. Save space and say goodbye to those boxes of old tapes for good.

4. Bring the digitized movies to family dinner and you’ll have hours of entertainment the whole family can enjoy!

5. Give a copy as a gift! Once digitized, you can easily make copies of the movies for family and friends.

Transfer all your old VHS, 8mm , Hi 8, Mini DV, VHS-C etc tapes to DVD and relive the memories before the tapes get mouldy and become useless! Email with any questions.
Qty                     Price
1-3 Tapes      $30.00 each
4-9 Tapes     $25.00 each
10+ Tapes     $20.00 each
Maximum recording is 120 min per DVD.
If the tape is longer and requires another DVD, there will be an extra charge of $10 per DVD.