Did you know your old video tapes degrade over time?  Let us help you preserve your video memories for generations to come.  Converting your 8mm, Hi 8, Mini DV, VHS-C, and VHS tapes to DVD or computer video files is quick and easy.

 With over 15 years experience we have saved many hours of footage for our customers, giving them the opportunity to share their history with friends and family. Here at Reds Imaging we understand the importance of memories and family, after all we are family owned and operated. We will convert your memories safely to a format that best fits your needs.  All conversions include one DVD copy or computer video file (mp4) with a printed title on the disc and a DVD case for protection.  DVD video’s are playable in DVD set tops as well as computers with DVD drives.  Send us your tapes and we will recover your precious memories for you today.  For more information email or call Pete, on 0402647715.

We support VHS, 8mm, Hi8, VHS-C, Mini DV and Blue Ray.

We are able to convert any video file format to another format. If your file happens to be Quicktime format, we could convert it to MPEG II, Youtube, AVI, or any format you request.


We can take out the bits you don’t want and finish the file to DVD or BluRay. We charge $60 per hour or part there of. This charge is just for the editing time and does not include the cost of the DVD and printed case wrap ( $10.00 extra ).


All transfers come personalised with chapters and titles printed on the DVD and the DVD case.



1-3 Tapes

$30.00 each

4-9 Tapes

$25.00 each

10+ Tapes

$20.00 each


Maximum recording is 120 min per DVD.

If the tape is longer and requires another DVD, there will be an extra charge of $10.00 per DVD.